When we have favorites!
August 07, 2019

When we have favorites!

Rug Addictions favorite Living Room Rugs that were used on The Block / Gatwick 2018

2018 brought us a new group of contestants and another massive renovation. With lots of hard floors, our rugs were in demand for the styling gurus to impress the judges. It was a frenzy of showing samples, rugs and deliveries , but in the end our rugs looked so hot we had to share our fav's. 

Bianca and Carla The Block Living Area Rug Addiction Rug

Room - Bianca & Carla Living   Rug - Natural Grey Pandora   Brand - Rug Addiction/Baylissrugs

Bianca & Carla decided to go with a natural wool concrete coloured Pandora rug with off white accent viscose rising out of the base pile. This acted as a gorgeous base for their styling and layering

Room - Courtney & Hans winning living area   Rug - Katie McKinnon Aqueous Seaspray   Collection - Rug Addiction/The Rug Collection

This stunning hero rug is constructed from soft viscose giving it a velvet Luxe finish. Designed by the legendary Katie McKinnon for The rug Collection, the Aqueous blue Seaspray Rug adds impact. 

Room - Sara & Hayden Living Room  Rug - Dasha wool hand made rug   Collection - Rug Addiction

Sara & Hayden decided to change out their rug for our Dasha rug which worked well with their leather chairs, sapphire blue and marbled bench top of their kitchen. I think you would agree the texture of the Dasha Rug really does bring some warmth to this room and this rug acts as a great combiner of all its surroundings.

All these rugs can be found on our Rug Addiction Website by clicking the links or on The Block Shop Website.