Madrid Dotts Beige Custom Length Hall Runner
March 27, 2024

Madrid Dotts Beige Custom Length Hall Runner

The Bock 2019 and it is hall way week for the contestants. Deb and Andy were last to choose their hallway runner, with the contestants in a whirl wind of pain. They had so many areas to complete this week and the pressure was on. Decisions were being made fast and choices of styling décor chosen on the spot.

I remember asking the boys working on the stair case where Deb was hiding and found her in the Main Bedroom with more trades working around her, as the Main was her redo room. She showed me a couple of ideas she had been working on and being the only house with neutral tones, I had a runner left that none of the other contestants had looked at that was perfect.

The relief on Deb's face was rewarding, as I felt I had done her space justice and taken some of the pressure off Deb at that time. Now the pressure was back on me to provide the longest cut runners I had ever had to provide contestant's to date. Deb and Andy came in second with just over a 16 metre run upstairs from the Bedroom through to the Guest Bedrooms.

I had 24 hours to pick up what I needed to complete the 4 houses from my suppliers on the other side of Melbourne, drive back to Bendigo and get started on their runners. Each one had to be cuts and altered, ends had to be sealed and overlocked for a finished result. Back down to Melbourne to get them on sight late on Saturday night for reveal Sunday morning to be judged.

Madrid Dotts Beige custom length hall runner was displayed so well in Deb and Andy's hall that they took the win and created one of the most beautiful hallways I have seen. The calming affect was achieved and run throughout the home in only a way that Deb and Andy could present. To this day, Deb and Andy's townhouse they designed and created has not dated, feeling just as fresh and on trend. The Madrid Dotts Beige custom Length hall runner is still one of our fastest selling runners of all time and still selling strong.