About Rug Addiction

About Rug Addiction

When Tamara Thompson started Rug Addiction back in 1993, she wanted to take her love for quality floor rugs and interior design and share it with the world.

At Rug Addiction, we follow her philosophy so that with every piece we source through leading Australia’s Importers of Floor rug, you can have a slice of her fascination at home with you.

We know that the things you bring into your home are personal. Whether it’s a special chair that your grandmother loved, or the painting that you and your partner saw on your honeymoon in Morocco; every piece is a part of a bigger story.

And that’s what we love about our jobs! We get to hand pick every item on our website using our vast knowledge of rugs ensuring that we are choosing the most diverse range of designs, mix of colours and creating a collection to suit many lifestyles.

Whether it’s the delicate, fine design of the Adorn Ellis Transition extra large rug or the cool pastels of the Allure Rose Flat Woven floor rug, we want it to fit in to your home as if it was always a part, while reflecting your tastes and catering your needs.

With over 30 years of sourcing experience under her belt, Tamara is an expert that sources area rugs and designer rugs from Importers such as Bayliss Rugs, The Rug Collection, Cadry’s and many more who Import from all over the world including Belgium, Turkey, Europe and Asia. While she is a travelled business women, she is no stranger to her home right here in Victoria. In addition, we are proud to have our brand ambassadors Kerrie and Spence from the hit show ‘The Block’ to support our philosophies and taste for good interiors.

So come, make it a day and take a drive out to see us at Bendigo where our showroom exhibits all of our hand-picked crafts and interiors. Our prices are like no other, our range vast and the quality of our products speak for themselves.

If you’re unable to come see us in person, all of our inventory is available on our national website. So have a look at our collections, and let the obsession begin.