Our Supplier Spotlight - Part 2
April 17, 2024

Our Supplier Spotlight - Part 2

Our team, works continually side by side with our carefully collated group of branded Australian Wholesale suppliers. These suppliers make up a big part of the backbone of our business and our relationship with them enables us to deliver only the best products and back up support to our customers. This is why Rug Addiction does not import but chooses to support Australian rug wholesalers by not importing ourselves, but being part of what keeps our industry strong and regulated, while doing our bit to help our economy. 

This week we highlight one of our amazing suppliers of rugs Bayliss Rugs. 

Their long standing exclusive relationships with their overseas manufacturing partners combined with their continual focus on innovation ensures their commitment to offering high quality rugs to their customers in Australia.

Being extremely passionate about their rugs, the team at Bayliss rugs is always focused on innovative ways of improving, being focused on sustainability and other key issues.

Their rug styles are created by the use of high quality fibres (in particular New Zealand wool, linen, silk, viscose) to ensure your rug is highly functional and beautiful.

Canyon Dinant Rug

Bayliss began in 1938 when Jack Bayliss established a carpet business in Melbourne, importing handmade carpet from northern India and Axminister carpet from England.

Jack's son Alan and his wife, Margaret joined the company in the early 1960's. Alan and Margaret made the decision to introduce hand-made rugs from India and China and as the demand grew so did the business.

In the 1980's Jeff and David came into the business and Daryl in the early 1990's. Using the strengths of a close knit family, the business has expanded by creating new rug trends and a continual focus on being innovative.

Now the business is run by the third generation, Daryl and Jeff Bayliss.

We continue to offer our Rug Addiction Customers a curated collection from Bayliss with all of their products being available through our store.