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Style To Sell Challenge | The Block 2018

Style To Sell Challenge | The Block 2018

This week we see Sara and Hayden using our Opulence Rug in their room reveal in the Style to Sell Challenge. Sara again bringing her twist of classic and modern to her styling creating a lot of controversy about what she was trying to achieve. A lot of mixed opinions on this room from the public. I believe if everyone had the same tastes it would be a boring world.

So how did our rug end up in The Block Challenge? If you have been following the show, you would have seen Hayden and Sara in The Block Shop doing their quick shop for the challenge. Hayden zoned in on our rug on the floor and immediately suggested its use in the room complimenting the bedhead and footer seat. This 200 x 290 cm rug fits perfectly under the queen size bed and giving it an element of size. 

Our Opulence rug is selling quickly and stock is low, but if you go to The Block Shop Website at the below link, to find out further details, prices and availability.

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