Do's & Don'ts of Rug Placement and Size!
October 13, 2019

Do's & Don'ts of Rug Placement and Size!

Hopefully this chart will help answer one of the most asked questions in our showroom. What size rug should I put in my Living space, Bedroom, or under my dining table. Well, there is no wrong size, but the charts we have on this page are an indication to help you achieve the best look for you.

The latest trend in placement of rugs is to have all furniture on in living areas. This will give the room an illustration of being bigger whilst the rug will act as an anchor for the furniture, creating an island space in an open area that has purpose.

Always think practicality. If the purpose of your rug is to protect your floor under a dining table, why would you put a small rung under there that is not going to cover the floor where the chairs go in and out. Best way to achieve this is to pull all the chairs out into a seated position and measure from behind one chair to accross to behind the opposite chair in both directions.  Find the closest size available in the rug sizes to your measurements. Make sure you don't go too big that the rug may cross over into walking areas and become a hazard.

Bedroom areas are a personal choice and have many reasons for rugs. It could be for warmth, comfort or styling reasons, either way there are many sizes to choose from to suit. The most popular being three quarters under the bed with enough rug to stand on at the sides and end of the bed. Don't skimp on size if you have the space. 

Generally the most important factor to remember is proportion in any space. You want a balanced finish to any room.