Diva Mustard Rug
February 09, 2023

Inspo Colour Trends for 2023

Keep it white and simple they said, for how long now? Well it is time to kick that thought to the back of the room as the long awaited change is coming our way.

After what feels like the biggest drought period of no colour, it is finally happening. So here is a sneak peep of some of the newest trending colours, creeping into our market from Europe for 2023!

Mustards & Golds

Now we are talking hot! This colour is popping up everywhere this year, from furniture, throws, décor items and soft furnishings. So why not in an area rug. Imagine this colour on a concrete or dark timber floor. Highlights of blacks, coppers or stunning timber accents in the room.

Opal Rug - Bayliss Rugs

 The Opal Citrine Area Rug fits well into those warm natural spaces.

Copper & Ochre

I just adore this colour! Inspired from the minerals of the earth, this colour is rich and inviting. Definitely a big infusion of life into a space, but if you are ready to be brave and create a room that is full of atmosphere this should create a mood of richness, luxe and love. 

Polished yet playful Taylor Rug Collection.


I am enjoying seeing green coming back into the rug industry. It is so calming and refreshing. I have noticed the new greens that are coming through are cleverly created to go with the cooler shades and warmer shades of furnishings. 

Ultimate Master Elm Rug | Olive

One more to tempt your senses 

Naturals & Linen's

Blending neutrals in varied tone's with white material furnishings and soft linens is just dreamy! Fresh as a cool summers breeze softly blowing through the open window moving the sheers ever so slightly. 

Magic Linen Rug from The Rug Collection

Textural heaven - Magic Linen Rug

Hope you have enjoyed a sample of what's currently happening in the rug world. 

Stay Happy!