hallway runner rug
September 24, 2021

Learn about different types of rugs

In the past rugs were very much about adding insulation and warmth to a home as well as some decoration. But they are also great for other reasons, they insulate sound, they prevent dirt from being tracked elsewhere, they add style and it is a great way to change out for seasonal colours. There are a lot of different types of rugs too, long hallway runners, area rugs, even outdoor rugs! Here is a look at some of the options for a long hallway, a large family room and warmth at the side of your bed and more.

Exploring area rugs

You can completely transform a room with a large area rug. You can get them in different styles, for example hand-knotted, shag, hand-tufted, machine-made and so on. An area rug is also an excellent focal point in a room. It can add to the room theme and add ambience with your choice of texture, colours and shapes. You can get area rugs in different shapes and sizes, though often the more common one is rectangular. Long hallway runners rugs also add insulation, warmth and protect the floor beneath. It is a good idea to consider using a rug pad though to prevent the rug from sliding. It also helps when you vacuum.

What are pile rugs?

Pile rugs are woven with knots and their style and appearance can differ depending on where you buy from. While some make them still by hand there are also largely automated weaving looms that make them today. Yarn and various types of wool are used in many colours. Pile rugs have been woven for thousands of years and in Persia, it is a strong part of their art and culture still today.

Rugs for outdoor areas

It might sound odd to some, but outdoor rugs have become a very popular option for creating outside spaces in gardens for people to enjoy. Put them on your decking, gazebo and patio to enhance the appearance of the outdoor area. Outdoor rug runners are affordable, come in a range of shapes, colours and designs and can suit any style of outdoor furniture you already have or are purchasing. They are a little tougher than indoor rugs and you can wash them as needed without worrying about fading or damage.

outdoor rug

Runner rugs for narrow spaces

Runner rugs are so-called because they run down a hallway, corridor or stairway. You can get long hallway runners to brighten up dark areas and to add charm to a space. They are also a good way to stop people slipping on bare floors and stairs. When people come in through the front door a great runner can welcome them in and helps keep the space warm.