Flat Woven Gems
May 24, 2023

Flat Woven Gems

When something new and exciting becomes available and it is as good as this collection, we can't go past talking about it.
I received the first delivery of this rug last week and was pleasantly surprised at how amazing they looked.
Quality is there and a great price point to match.
Rubick Rust Flatwoven Rug

The Rubick Rug is available in four pre made sized rugs, up to a massive 300 x 400cm size and if that isn't good enough, custom making to your size is available also.

This rug is a reversible flat woven rug that can be flipped over to get that extra life out of or just to hide that one stubborn mark that you see and can't get out.

Created from 100% Pure wool, it can be professionally cleaned, sealed for extra protection and hold the warmth of the room, keeping you warm under foot.

Rubick Green Flatwoven Rug

You have the choice of rust, blue, green and honey in a gorgeous petite cube design that does not invade the space around it.

With its soft durable construction it is definitely not going to scratch your floor. Does help to add a non slip pad under it that allows you to still flip the rug when required, whilst adding a little extra cushion to the rug.

Rubick Honey Flatwoven Rug

A rug that is purposely designed to go under a dining table, in a living area under furniture, or in a bedroom under a bed. An ideal choice for any family area that is impossible to tire of.

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