large over sized rug
September 24, 2021

Choosing the best oversized rug for you

Whether you are completely redecorating one room or more, or you are just looking at changing some furnishings, choosing a great new area rug or choosing from a range of oversized rugs is a great choice. It adds warmth and style to any room and you can do it in any style - country, modern, bohemian, luxurious - you name it. Here are some things to consider when you are looking at rugs to help you choose the best one for you.

Work out a budget you are comfortable with

You can get a range of sizes and qualities and materials and these things impact the cost of a rug. You could find a rug easily for something around $20 all the way to thousands. If you are choosing a rug for practical use, consider how much you are willing to spend on that and what its lifespan is. If you are a rug collector of course your budget is likely much higher!

Get the right size for the room

First of all, you need to make some practical decisions and that includes size. Getting something too small for a room, or too large, can throw off the feel of the room and in the case of too big can become a tripping hazard. Measure the area you want covering and then double-check those numbers. It can help to use some tape to tape out the outline of where it is going so you can get a better idea. Rugs come in several standard sizes so you then choose what fits your outline. Oversized rugs that fill the room can be very attractive. 

The shape of the rug is key

Another factor is the shape you prefer. Square and rectangular rugs give you sides to work with but a round or oval rug might be better suited to your space. You can choose according to the actual area you have as well as your personal preference.

Choose the right colour

As important as the shape is also the colour or colours you choose. You need to decide whether it is something that you want to be eye-catching, whether you want to complement the room or contrast with it.

Think about the rug’s theme

What kind of theme you consider is directly to do with the room you are putting it in. A dining room might have a more formal rug, a living room something softer and inviting and kid rooms might have favourite characters or animals or such.

Choose what material you want your rug made from

The material you choose impacts a lot of things, its appearance, the atmosphere it enhances, the style, the kind of care it needs and the cost. When choosing oversized rugs choose a material that suits your preferences.


A rug can add a lot of style and personality to a home. It can also provide insulation, style, warmth and comfort. But you need to choose the right ones and make sure you can look after them so you get the best out of them.