As Seen On The Block | Living & Dining Rooms
October 05, 2023

As Seen On The Block | Living & Dining Rooms

After 6 seasons of being a supplier of rugs into The Block you would think that we would have a fair idea of what the contestants will need, but no! 

New Contestants, with new ideas and inspirations while located in Hampton East, back into metro with large but not oversized residential homes.


The Block Leslie and Brett livingroom

Kyle and Leslie (House 1) had space issues to solve which were not going to happen this week. With underestimating the size of the furnishings going in the area, it made placement of the dining table and the living space not work properly. I would be guessing this will be a redo area for them later in the competition. Normal placement of the rug, was not achievable due to the overlapping of the dining table  so they decided to swing it around in the other direction. This week they choice was the Magic Linen Rug in a 250 x 350cm, textural and neutral, just as they like it.






The block living house 2    Leah & Ash (House 2)
Winning Room this week, Leah and Ash wanted to push the boundary of creativity and have done through out the start of the show. Their styling choices were different and polarising, but isn't this part of what The Block is all about. Testing those theories that other wouldn't dare. I know when Leah sent through her mood board to me, I was a little surprised. After going through and collating some choices for Leah of what rugs may work, she chose the Foster in Rosetta 250 x 350cm size.







Kristy & Brett Living Room The Block


Kristy and Brett (House 3), simplicity, light and bright was their brief with texture. That was a no brainer with our Boucle Ivory Rug 300 x 400cm, hand made from quality wool by superb craftsman. 

Darren enthusiastically proclaimed that this room was exceptional and Neale chimed in, describing it as ideal for catering to the future pool area outside. Shaynna, while expressing some reservations about the lighting plan, couldn't deny the room's inviting ambiance and rich colour palette, ultimately declaring it a space filled with plenty to adore. 







House 4 the block

Steph and Gian (House 4) have chosen a unique style of mixing Scandinavian  with Japanese called "Japansi" A soft inviting and earthy colour pallette. 

The Vincent Rug with its dusty shades made a gorgeous addition of texture and airiness to this area whilst bringing continuity to their styling.







House 5 Living The Block



Eliza and Liberty (House 5) had a huge space to fill and I mean Huge! 

In their Living space the girls had already chosen their lounge in this amazing bright rusty orange colour, plus their art work in the Dining area.

Our aim was to link the areas so the girls went for the Magic Spice Rug in a 300 x 400 cm size to help fill some of the space and keep the proportions of the space in scale.







 The sisters went on to add a fire place in the middle of the living space, creating an intentional entertainment area.

Budget was cutting low for this area, but they presented it well with a simply setting to lead to the imagination of what it can be. 

Using our Alfresco Jute Rug, they intentionally chose this rug for durability and again to link all the areas with a common accent colour.






Dining the block house 5The dining area in house 5 was stunning. The art work on the wall was outstanding with the chairs around the table and the highlights in the diamond designed on our rug, pulling everything together whilst again bringing a link into the other two areas they had created.
The 8 seater table sat beautifully on top of our Rubick flat woven rug in rust. The girls went for a 3 x 4m which kept the proportions, filled the space and left plenty of space for the chairs to go in and out without going off the rug.
So close to a win!
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Photos credits and supplied by The Block Shop.