As Seen On The Block | Double Kids Bedrooms
October 10, 2023

As Seen On The Block | Double Kids Bedrooms

There were some exciting reveals this week but my again I agree with the Judges and call it as a win for Steph & Gian. 

It was interesting to see each interpretations of a kids bedroom with so many great ideas that I am sure some of you may use in the future when designing something special for your little ones.

Kyle & Lesley (House 1) were starting to Sercombe to the pressures this weeks judging had revealed. For their first bedroom they created a full basketball theme which Marty felt was disjointed from the rest of the house style, Shaynna commenting she had no problem with this as it was a kids bedroom and that was what it was all about. 

Lesley & Ash Kids Bedroom 1

Proceeding to their second kids bedroom and the Judges were much happier that the arches in the shelving, lighter and brighter colour pallet was much in theme of carry through and a beautiful space. Loving the soft greens.

Leah & Ash (House 2) have kids and built off what they know they would love to have in their bedrooms, adding a bit of fun to each. The rock climbing wall was a real winning idea for any fun at heart.

Leah & Ash Kids Bedroom

For their second kids bedroom they presented a disco room with all the bells and whistles. Again with bright fun colours and the wall papered walls were spectacular in real life. Leah chose our Diva Hand Knotted Wool Rug | Sky Blue.

Leah & Ash Kids Bedroom 2

Kristy & Brett (House 3) The bed frame was a stand out piece in this room with the jungle theme ever so soft in accents of greens and a pop of indigo.

Kristy & Brett Kids Bedroom

For their second kids bedroom it was all about floral. A little bit controversial for the judges until they settled in and felt what Kristy was creating.

Kristy & Brett

Steph & Gian (House 4) created the winning spaces with care and love all round, down to the most intricate of detail. Seen and appreciated by the Judges on scoring their rooms 3 x 10 giving them a total of a 30 for the win. If their first room they used our Magic Rug | Spice.

Steph & Gian

For their Second Kids Bedroom they continued the look through but set it with two single beds, which I think was a very smart strategic move. Both rooms were functional and very beautiful with a wow factor in both. Steph chose to go with the same rug but in a different colour. Magic Mineral | Blue Grey Gold Copper Wool Rug | Mineral.

Steph & Gian

Eliza & Liberty (House 5) created a fun room, using their supplier budget wisely by letting the wallpaper tell the story and dressing the rooms appropriately for the age group they were targeting. Sweet, practical and functional.

Eliza & Liberty

Finally their second bedroom with a dramatic backdrop of wallpaper which I think their plan was to have a room that could be easily converted into another age group or purpose.

Eliza & Liberty

All in all a big week for all the contestants with so much going through their head spaces. Throw in a challenge in between and they all successfully finished with the brief met. All the photos used where supplied by The Block Shop and credited to David Cook Photography. The products used in these rooms can be purchased either through The Block Shop website or at Rug Addictions Website.