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How much do I need to purchase?

It is recommended when buying this non slip product that you purchase enough to cover the full under side of the rug area. Cutting into strips will no work, neither will just putting some in the corners. For full satisfaction of performance, again it needs to cover the full underside of the rug.

How much will you need?

160 x 230 cm rug = 2.3m x 150cm wide off the roll

200 x 290 cm rug = 2.9m x 190cm wide off the roll

240 x 330 cm rug = 2 x 3.3m of 120cm wide off the roll

300 x 400 cm rug = 2 x 3m of 190cm wide off the roll

Hall runners = length of runner x 60cm wide off the roll


Lay the product onto the floor space that the rug will cover. There is no right or wrong side to this product as it grips from both sides. Roll the rug out over the top of it and trim any excess with a pair of sharp scissors without cutting your rug.

Dual Lock is a non-slip rug underlay with "light" adhesive on both sides which can be used on both soft and hard floors. Measuring 5mm in thickness it provides additional walking comfort whilst satisfying the highest demands.


MATERIAL: 100% polyester fibres

CONSTRUCTION: Non-woven, needle punched into very dense compression. Sprayed with soft acrylic binder

WEIGHT: 320gsm

THICKNESS: 4mm – 5mm


PROPERTIES: Odourless, sound absorbing, free of harmful substances, residue free


USE ON: All types of floors (including under floor heating)*






Light adhesive contact on both sides

  • Suitable to be used on underfloor heating
  • Enhances walking comfort
  • Prevents rugs from creeping
  • Grips through fibre
  • Free of folds
  • Easily to cut to size and lay
  • Odourless
  • Free of harmful substances
  • Improves the impact-sound absorption
  • Residue free
  • Anchors rugs to both soft & hard floors


Available in the following widths off the roll

Length of all Dual Lock rolls: 25m

Width of Dual Lock rolls: 60cm, 120cm, 150cm, 190cm.

'Quality engineered to keep your rugs safer, softer and securely in place'

* Floors (concrete, tiles, porous, marble etc) must be properly sealed and cured before application.