large round rug
September 24, 2021

Using Large Round Rugs in the Home

When you are looking at ways to transform a room without throwing a lot of money at it, one of the options you have is to explore adding an inexpensive but attractive rug. You can really change the look and feel of a room with a large round rug, or a shape of your choice. Here are some things to consider when you look at contemporary rugs for your home.

Advantages of using rugs

There are a number of really good reasons to use rugs and different rugs can serve different purposes, making them great value for money. These advantages include: 

  • Use in different rooms to add warmth or style
  • Place next to the side of the bed for somewhere warm to place your feet in the morning
  • Act as insulators
  • A place for babies and children to play on in comfort
  • A place for pets to sleep in comfort
  • Adding to create a theme
  • Protect the floor underneath
  • Somewhere to take off shoes when you enter a home
  • Soundproofing
  • Add some dramatic colour or patterns
  • Hang on the wall as a contemporary piece of art

What is it you want from the rug?

What is your main reason for needing or wanting to look at large round rugs? Do you want the rug to be the real focal point, one that draws attention and is bright and bold? Do you want something more neutral that complements the room without dominating it? Make sure that if you do choose something attractive that the pattern on the rug does not clash with other patterns in the room. If you want something boldly coloured make sure they too do not clash with other colours in the room.

What kind of conversation do you want to start about the rug when people see it and admire it? Are you considering having multiple rugs to break up a large room into different areas? If that is the case, you need to consider carefully how you place them. They do not have to be the same but you want patterns, designs and colours that work together. Is it going to see heavy traffic and act as a buffer to protect the floor? You would choose something more durable if that is the case, and perhaps something dark so it does not show the dirt so obviously!

Think about the size you need

When you decide you want large round rugs, consider exactly what that means by making sure you have measured the area you want to cover. Try to have a border around the rug if you want it to be the focal point, and decide whether you are centering it or not. Otherwise, you can have parts of the furniture over it or just avoid completely covering it as then you lose the point of having it!